I'm going to the cinema.
She is eating pizza.
You are reading.
Stacy is writing.
He is playing football.
Brad is playing the guitar.
James is walking.
My mother is cooking.
Jade is sleeping.
Michael's drawing.
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I'm trying very hard to quit smoking.
Right now I'm watching a brilliant new tv series.
He's trying to sound smart, just listen to him!
We're grieving our people, but we will get over it.
She's fighting her disease, and it looks like she'll be up and about in no time.
He's having fun at the party, we should join him sometime later.
They're not dancing right now, but they are soon to start working on their new moves.
I have no idea what he's doing, don't ask me about it.
She's being really noisy today, maybe something happened.
At the moment, he's sleeping on the couch, but he'll get back to you when he wakes up, I'll make sure of it.
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