My last holiday
Last summer I went to London and Paris with my daughter, my sister and her son (my nephew).First, we flew to London by Easy Jett. In London we stayed at our friends’ home for one week. We saw all the famous places in London, we went to Stonehenge and also we went to the ocean beach. We took a lot of photos.In the evenings we went to pubs. I liked listening to pub music  and I liked drinking English beer. The next week we went to Paris by train “Euro star”. We travelled through the Channel Tunnel. It’s the longest underwater tunnel in the world.In Paris we stayed in a hotel near the Disneiland.It was my present for my daughter’s birthday. We had a great time. Paris is an amazing city. We took a lot of photos and bought a lot of souvenirs. We didn’t have any problems. It was a fantastic holiday.
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