I go to school every day . He reads a book every month. She lives in Bucharest. I go to the mountains every month .In the summer, they go to the seaside. We have breakfast at 7:30 every morning. He lives in Paris. She plays tennis in her free time.
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Comentariul a fost şters
Comentariul a fost şters


I go to school  every day
She always plays the piano at six
I play football every week
He never plays football
He lives in London
She works at home
Where does she come from ?
Who lives in Bucharest ?
They don't work at the weekend
I like tennis,but I don't like football
Sper ca te-am ajutat :)

I go to school.
You eat an apple.
I write homework.
She read a story.
He ride a bike.
We go home.
You make a cake.
I drink a wather.
We go to sea.
They go to the movies.