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Spring has arrived . Clear skies and clouds of ash disappear. Some golden rays of heaven appear . Arises under dead leaves snowdrop . Earth is wet and black.Spring comes alive throughout nature . The grass caught the corner tender and again. The camp surrounds us sweet spring wind . The joyful swallow their nest . Spring bear out of the den , and all other animals . Bees put up and search for nectar. Industrious ants work all day . Night falls , the day grows. In the night soothing sounds a divine song. Toporasii worship fairest lily . The trees are in bloom again . Lambs playing on green field . Here come and Bugs in enamelled Hamid . At this time, the nature of her in celebration. The blackbird whistling - n Warbler .Everywhere in nature are flowers, greenery , trees in bloom, bees buzzing , birds chirping .Spring is one of the four seasons of the year , but is the only one who brings life in nature .Mountain , baba winter coats has not arrived .Drops of sweet grass sparkles on firicelele thin with thin little voice Randunelelor who wake up to life.Only trees grown in forests muscle is very soft . People enjoy the arrival of spring but others think just as they have to do and how to prune trees and gardens .Spring is a season full of magic and colors. Season after the winter it is nice because he finds the whole of nature to lifeThis year spring came early. Nature comes alive now.   The first snowdrops are appearing in gardens oamenilor.Vantul smoothly and often beat the branches copacilor.Ramurile trees are full of flowers and muguri.Fluturii romp, industrious bees begin their sweet buzzing through tree branches flori.Pe hear songs and lively singing of birds . ray sun heats the earth to warm and catifea.Toata milder nature awakened to life that after a long sleep but in crystal perfume of flowers.

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