Rewrite the sentence starting with unless
1.Don't go in the sun if you don't have a hat and sun cream.
2.Don't climb on your own if you don't like heights.
3.Don't promise your friends a postcard if you don't have time to write to them.
4.You get sunstroke if you don't wear a hat in strong sun.
5.The sun can damage your eyes if you don't wear good sunglases.
6.Post notes to yourself if you don't have a very good memory.

p.s sa o faci corecta ca imi da nota si daca ai high flyer cls 7 ma poti ajuta cu 2/58 si 4/59



1. Don't go in the sun unless you have a hat and... .2. Don't climb on your own unless you like heights. 3.Don't promise bla, bla... unles you have time to write... .4.You get sunstroke unless you have ... . 5. The sun can damage your eyes unless you wear good sunglasses. 6. Post notes to yourself unless you have a very good memory.
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