For each of these sentences choose the corect alternative,present simple or present continuous.
1.About 1,000 people visit/are visiting Machu Picchu every day.
2.The mountains in Peru are/are being over 4,000 metres high.
3.I don't understand/am not understanding why people like camping.
4.We spend/are spending three days camping in the mountains next week.
5.The paths become/are becoming worn away by tourists.
6.Do people drop/Are people dropping litter in your street?
7.She studies/is studying microbiology at university at the moment.
8.I think/am thinking the sea is too dirty to swim in.
9.The River Amazon flows/is flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.
10.The number of tourists increases/is increasing fast.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. visit
2. are
3. don't understand
4. are spending
5. are becoming
6. do people drop
7. is studying
8. think
9. flows 
10. is increasing
4 5 4