Buna ma puteti ajuta si pe mine la exercitiu acesta la engleza.Cuvintele din paranteza trebuie puse la present simple sau present continuous?

1.She---------------(stay) in Africa at the moment.
2.Dad usually--------------(cook) dinner.
3.My parents-----------------(go) to Italy every year.
4. My sisters---------------(walk) to schooll every day.
5.We--------------------(have)lunch now.
6.I never-----------------(stay in) on Saturday evening.
7.I---------------------(go) to the cinema now.
8.My mum ---------------------(not work) today.
9.Peter-----------(not like) rap music.
10.He --------------------(listen) to pop music at the moment.
11.Donna usually-------------------(go) shopping on Saturdays.
12.Let's go out.It-----------------(not rain) now.
13.Hurry up! Everybody-------------------(wait) for you!
14.The sun ---------------------(rise) in the east.
15.Water------------------(boil) at 100 degrees.
16.The water---------------(boil). Can you turn it off?
17.I must go now. It ----------------(get) late.
18.I usually----------------------(go) to work by car.
19.It---------------------(not rain) very much in the summer.
20.The moon --------------------(go) round the earth.
Va roggg frumos sa ma ajutati cat de repede posibil eu nu ma pricep daca m-as pricepe nu va-s mai cere ajutoruu va rogggggg mult



Verbele din paranteze sunt la infinitiv. Unele trebuie puse la "present continuous" iar altele la "present simple":
1: continiuous
2: simple
... te descurci tu
vezi dupa : usually, every year, in this moment...etc.