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Summer Fairy dressed in the colors of nature all her grandparents waiting preferate.In orchards baskets filled with apples, pears, plums and other fruits in abundance and nature ... People celebrate the arrival of summer before it's too late and summer leaves and autumn arrives with heavy clouds that gate their lead, with its heavy cold and blue, brick and reddish leaves, fruit that get drunk with their fragrant smell.


Vara?Vara e anotimpul ala in care uiti de toate , te relaxezi si numeri zilele pana la scoala.Cel putin , o bucata de timp.Pana cand ajungi sa te plictisesti oribil. :)) Vara e anotimpul ala calduros , in care vrei doar sa stai la umbra , mancand o inghetata sau orce altceva racoritor. Anotimpul vara , e unul special ! ♥
Summer? Summer is the season ala the look of all, relax and count the days until school.Cel least a piece of timp.Until you get bored you horrible. :)) That warm summer's season, you just want to sit in the shade, eating an ice cream or something ANY refreshing. Summer season is a special one! ♥
The summer is beauty because I play with my friends. Holyday begin in summer I go to the beach in the summer I have free time in summer
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