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Hi Peter!
Hello Susan!
How are you today?
I'm fine, thank you.
I want to invite you to my birthday party next Sunday, what do you say?
Oh, where are you going to celebrate your birthday?
Hm..I'm thinking of going to that new Chinese restaurant in the city centre.
Interesting..i have never been in that place, but I heared that the food is fantastic.
Yes, it is. I tasted it myself.
But..when we should to be there?
You should be there at seven o'clock.
And..who will come to your party?
All our friends and also Jessy, Jimmy and Tom.
Ohh..Tom..I haven't seen him from ages. I'll be happy to review him.
Yeah, it will be great.
So, we will see next Sunday at seven o'clock at the Chinese restaurant.
Ok. Thank you for your invitation.
You're welcome. I hope you'll be there for me.

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