Imagine that you are a reporter and you have to broadcast from an area where smth. horrible has just happened.What would you do in order to endure all this horrors and yet to be as objective as you can ? - as vrea cateva idei ,va rog !



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Today I've been announced that a house has been set on fire. The residents ran out of the house and couldn't save anything, only some money and clothes. The rest of the house was all burnt. When I got there I saw people crying and a complete disaster. It's like there wasn't a house there before, just a lot of burnt wood planks and ash! The landscape just broke my heart, but I had to interview the people there and try to make them feel better. They told me that last night they saw a man behind their house but they though it was just a shadow, but now they think that was the man that set the house on fire. The police arrived too and they made investigations in this case and they have the same conclusion as the residents. The recording camera saw a man behind the house and luckily they could see the face of the criminal. Now all they have to do it find the men.

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