Vreau si eu niște propoziții cu cuvintele : i went , were,got up ,understanood, spoke , left, ate, song,took,tought

I went shopping with him.
I went shopping with him. You were mad at me. Jamie just got up. I understood everything you told me. He spoke way to much! You left without telling us. I only ate a bowl of cereals, I'm starving! This is my favorite song. Did you took my phone? It's been tough for everyone...
Did you TAKE.....
Îmi cer scuze, așa este, am greșit...


I went to the sea.
They were mountain
Got up just now
He understands all
He spoke too much
Jack took a left
Anna ate clams
You chose a beautiful song
Dad took salary
A well thought
Gataa :*