Sall cine ma poate ajuta. Vreau si eu o cumpunere adresata unui prieten ca si cand m-as fi mutat intr-un oras nou. Sa fie putintel mai lunguta . Uitati cerinta.

You have recently moved to a new city .Write on e-mail to your friend from you old ne ghbourhood telling / her about your new city and your feelings about the change

Sa zicem ca stateam in Bucuresti si m-am mutat in Snagov Gruiu

cum il chema pe vecinul tau =))
zi un nume


Hello Andrei
Recently I've moved to Snagov Gruiu and I'm really sorry I couldn't tell you earlier. My new city isn't as big as Bucharest but I hope I will make new friends. Don't forget we can always keep in touch by sending letters. The good things about this city is that I have a house bigger than the one I had there, and I go to a school that isn't very far from my house. I've already started school and I hope to make some friends and get good marks at school. The streets are really clean and the people here are very nice. But unfortunately there are some bad news too... Here in Snagov there aren't many things to do becouse there aren't many parks or malls, but the ones I know here are really far from my house. Luckily I can call my new neighbor and ride our bikes together. I hope I can visit you in Bucharest next month.
Your friend, (numele tau)