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I had so much fun in my last summer, and i remember alot of beutiful things.
I went to swim with my friends, and there something funny happened: One of my friends, lost his pants in the watter and we laughed, but at the end we helped him to find them. i know it sounds embarasing, but it could happen to anybody, so it`s not such a bad thing.
I also relaxed, watching tv serials, and movies, by my self, and with my fammily.
Of course there was boring moments, but i enjoyed my vacantion, because i`ve done what i wanted to do, and this means for me the perfect summer!

Nu e cine stie ce stralucita, si evenimentele nu sunt reale, dar profesoara mea, apreciaza inventivitatea, nu neaparat adevarul.. Poti sa o imbunatatesti, sau sa nu o iei in considerare.

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