The Reason Is You
You're the reason for these butterfliesThat are fluttering uncontrollable inside of meThese butterflies will never calmThey've taken over my whole body
You're the reason for this smileThat brightens my whole faceThis smile will never frownYou've unknowingly became my all
You make me feel alive once againYou've erased my past with just a touchChased my fears with just one glanceYou broke my mold with that first kiss

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What must I do,
To let you know how I feel?
What can I say to make you realize
That I would do anything for you?
That I would sacrifice myself
For your own good
And take the fall
So you could continue on…
But I have no way to make you
Feel the way that I do-
I have nothing but my words
And my soul to give.
These would be a small price
For a few precious moments beside you.
What else can anyone give?
Surely my heart is already yours.
But I strive to gain your attention,
No matter what I must do. !
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