My favorite season is summer.I think that summer is the best season because is holiday and the wather is sunny and hot.Also in summer I hang out with my friends and have a lot of fun,I go to the seaside too because I love the sun,the beach and the sea.
        Summer is the best because I have a lot of freedom and no school.In summer I have  a lot of fun to create good memories and good stories to tell in the sequel.Also I don't have to wake up that early and I can stay outside even when is late,because I don't have school the next day.
         In the end I can say that summer is the best season and I think we all love summer.
       Fall is my favorite season.I love fall because is not thant hot outside and I can wear my favorite swetears and boots.Also I love fall because the landscape is gorgeous and colorful.
          The school starts in fall and I'm happy because I missed my friends and I'm excited to see them again.The fall is great because you can walk alone in the park and fell good because the air is fresh,is not than hot but the sun is warm and the view is great because of the beautiful trees.
          In the and I can say that fall is my favorite season because the weather is on my type and the landscape is amazing.

Dar ai putea Sa-mi scrii despre toamna
sincer nu stiu ce sa scriu la toamna :)) dar stai ca incerc
ok mersi
nu potzi?
am incercat :)) sper ca i bine
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There are two weeks ..... and coming summer . My favorite season . You'll have time to go out with friends, have fun and do whatever I want. The only things that I love about summer is that you will be away from some colleagues very dear to me . Besides going to freeze my brain juice with ice and wet me with colleagues . Oh .. summer .... can not wait to see you. With totate beautiful birds to chirp or beside me, with all the flowers with their myriad colors and filled with green copaceii plum , apricot , cherry , cherries , apples , quince , and pear ......
Vietatile carpet and are quick to diligently gather supplies for iarna.Pasarile traveler goes rowing in the sky heights sad warmer places , leaving nests and places where they stayed in the season and we children cald.
Asa nation goodbye to vacation from friends, colleagues, cousins ​​and neighbors and they took their flight to other tari.Toamna is a season full of color , charm and change.
gata din greseala sunt cateva cuvinte in romana are cava?
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