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Poti incepe in a alege un anotimp :) Dupa, incerci sa il descrii, spui ce iti place la el. Daca este vara, poti adauga intamplari din vacanta aceasta sau pur si simplu lucruri care iti plac. Eu am avut acum un an tema ,, toamna" tot la engleza. Am scris despre inceputul scolii, frunzele aurii si prima mea zi de scoala.
Summer...i love the summer for is warm and the children play on the streed....
we relax and en we are anjoy for is summer...etc :p
In the sky a few stars still shone despite bruising of the rising sun, Mr. zilei.Venisem special beach to see him in his red robe, coming from the depths of the sea, the orizont.Langa me on the beach, the waves lapped me a song reassuring. Slowly the sun changes its red robe with one gold and climb the blue sky, free nori.Stelele slept long, pale shining just one. Luna is still in the sky. For her I'll be back tonight to see the Queen, as he sends golden rays of offshore water toward shore stretched a oglinda.Acum's time to go home, get changed and to go back in splendid day I,, fry,, under the summer sun and then cool off in the white foam of the waves. P.S:Scz. daca am gresit ceva ;)
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