Buna ma puteti ajuta si pe mine cu 5 propoziti la present simple si 5 la present continous in engleza va roggg mult ca eu nu prea ma pricep asa de bine la engleza si v-am cerut ajutoru' va rogggg multt ..:) ca nu oricine nu se pricepe la o materie pe care nu o intelege sau nu ii place asa ca va astept raspunsurile va rogg ;)



Present simple:
I listen to music. 
Mother cooks the dinner.
You usually park your car in the same place.
He often reads a book.
They sleep every day in the afternoon.

Present continuous:
I'm learning for the English test.
What are you doing with my phone?
Mr Black is teaching us Spanish because Mr Montero is ill.
They are playing the piano now.
She is reading in this moment.