Days of summer vacation approached repede.toti children make plans for well deserved holiday after a school year full of achievements. Some go to grandparents, others at sea, the mountains, everyone is happy. I along with my family really like going to mare.Imi foamy water, fine sand and warm sea shore. The rest I spend my holidays at my grandparents helping around the house. I'll be back home near the beginning of the school year, but until then enjoy the last days of vacation grandparents. Watch daily swallows the eaves of the house that they put the babies to go in hot countries. It's hard because I'll go and grandparents and will remain free and no swallows swallows. At sunset I lived DEPAN thoughts over the holidays and they write down on paper that will remain in the pages of childhood memories is mele.Mai least until school starts again, and look forward even before her arrival I would never want even once you touch the hot sand and swimming in that sea salt where i feel like asking my world! I hope I've been helpful-ASTA ESTE DESPRE VACANTA