Chose the correct words in italics to complete the sentances.
1.They haven't spoken to each other\ themselves for two years.
2. She gave me \ myseff a birthday present.
3. He cut him \ himself shaving.
4. They designed the garden each other \themselves.
5. I think you copied this. I don't think you wrote it you\ yourself.
6. They were writing to each other \ themselves for ages.
7. I bought a computer programme and taught me \ myself to type.
8. He looked at her \ herself in the mirror.
9.She broke her arm but drove herself \ her to the hospital.
10. Susan and I work with ourselves \ each other.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1 to each other
2 she gave me
3.cut himself
4.the garden themselves.
5. wrote it yourself
6 to each other
7 .taught me to type
8. herself in the mirror
9 drove herself
10 with each other

2 5 2
1. to each other
2. gave me
3. him
4. each other
5. yourself
6. themselves
7. taught me
8. herself
9. her to the hospital
10. each other

la 3 e cut himself, adica s-a taiat pe el insusi. Him inseamna doar el
la 4 e themselves, adica ei insusi, nu s-au plantat unul pe altul. Asa s-ar traduce ce ai zis tu
la 9 e herself, adica a condus ea insasi
nu ma mai uit sa vad ce ai mai scris