1)conjugati vb 'to eat' la present perfect continous.
2) make sentences using the present perfect continous tense with since or for.
1.Do you realise,I\wait here\ two o'clock!
2.She\live in spain\six months.
3.he\wear\contact lenses\ at least five years.
4.My father\ work for the same company\ 1994
5.They\ run\the lottery in the UK\ many years.
6.I\collect\stamps\I was seven.



1.have been eating
you have been eating
he/she/it has been eating
we have been eating
you have been eating
they have been eating
Do you realise,I have been waiting here for two o'clock!
2.She has been living in spain for six months.
3.he has been wearing contact lenses since at least five years.
4.My father has been working  for the same company since 1994
5.They have been runing the lottery in the UK for many years.
6.I have been collecting stamps since I was seven.

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