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Earth is the planet which is the third in order from the sun, with an equatorial diameter of 7,926 miles, a polar diameter of 7,900 miles a mass of approximately six sextillion tons, and a mean density of about 5.52 times that of water.
Scientist think that about 4,6 billion year ago a swirling mass of boiling hot rocks and gases, revolving around the Sun, changed into a ball of liquid rock. The ball of rock slowly cooled and a hard crust formet on the outside. At times the hot gases and liquid rock fromi insider broke through the crust in different places. Ths formed mountains and cout deep trenches that later formed the ocean beds.Geological evidence indicate that as the Earth cooled, much of the water vapour present in the atmosphere condensed. There were violent storms and rain poured from the clouds. Rivers and lakes seas and oceans were formed. The oxygen gas (O2) was not present in the early atmosphere and there were no animals yet. Millions of years went by plants began to grow in the seas. As plant grew they produced oxygen. It war released by photosynthesis. Thus due to this process the first animals appeared. They first lived in the sea but when bigger animals developed they crawled out on to the land. The first creatures to come out of the water were the fish that were developing lungs.



Pamantul e cea de-a treia planeta de la soare, avand diametrul la ecuator de 12755 km si la poli de 12714 km, o masa de aproximativ 6x10^24 kg si o densitate medie de aproximativ 5,52 de ori mai mare decat apa. Oamenii de stiinta considera ca in urma cu cca 4,6 miliarde de ani, un vartej de substanta fierbinte si gaze care se rotea in jurul Soarelui, s-a transformat intr-o minge de substanta lichida. Aceasta s-a racit si a format o crusta tare la suprafata. Din cand in cand gazelle si lichidul fierbinte din interior sparg crusta in diverse locuri. Asa s-au format muntii si abisurile, iar mai tarziu oceanele. Datele geologice indica faptul ca Terra racindu-se o parte din vaporii din atmosfera s-au condensat. Au rezultat furtuni violente iar din nori curgea ploaia. Asa s-au format raurile, lacurile, marile si oceanele. Pe atunci nu exista oxygen in atmosfera si nu existau animale. Milioane de ani au trecut pana au crescut plante in apa marii. Pe masura ce se inmulteau, ele produceau oxigen. Il eliberau in atmosfera prin fotosinteza. Astfel, prin acest proces au inceput sa apara primele animale. Intai au trait in mare, dar pe masura ce animalele mari s-au dezvoltat, ele au iesit din apa. Primele creaturi iesite din apa au fost pestii care avea dezvoltati plamani.