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The sky is blue, the birds are chiriping. 
The forester caught the arsonists. (padurarul i-a prins pe cei care au provocat incendiul)
The saplings were destroyed by the hurricane.
The stage fell down before the concert.
The awards was won by a woman.
My brother has a cricket in a jar.
The mare was sepparated from her foal (iapa a fost separata de manzul ei)
My sister lives in a studio.
I made unforgettable memories with my friends this summer.
I would like to have a star named after me.
We were in the midst of rehearsal when the earthquake hit.

Bother me chirping birds.
The forester shoot a deer.
I pased the first stage well.
I award a large part of daily homework.
I paly cricket every Monday.
I sing in a famous studio.
I want this vacantion to be unforgettable.
Someday i will become a star.
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