Make questions for each sentece:

1. Peter told Sheila about his birthday.
A) Who... B) Who...
2. Yesterday they came back from their holiday.
A) When... B) What...
3. She is pushing the car because it won't start.
A) What... B) Why...
4. The dog starts barking when he sees , unknown person.
A) When... B) What...
5. You would like to have another cake.
A) What... B) Who..

n-ai pentru ce
dana,in prezent simplu la propozitia interogativa si negativa es sau s dispare
Vrei sa zici la alea unde a scris does ?
Da.exemplu : he starts:he doesn't start:does he start ? la persoana a iii a singular se pune does iar la restu do sau
si in propozitia negativa si interogativa nu pun does he starts ? ci does he start


Who did talk to Sheila about his birthay ? When did they come back from their holiday ? Why she is pushing the car ? When the dog start barking ? What you would like to have ?
sheila e fata, deci nu poate sa fie HIS birthday.