My favorite book is a book of fairy tales, with blue soft leather cover with thin pages and writing big enough that it can be read easily. (Paragraph) This book I received from what best friend me when I was still in kindergarten, when I did not know it yet cutesc so putting my mother read to me from it. (paragraph) all the time when I look in the library and see this beautiful childhood book I remember that I had when I imagined her fairytale world that my story in this book. (paragraph) my opinion is that each of us should have a favorite book to reread that fondly.
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My favorite book, of all, was White Fang. This book is something more than extraordinary because its the first book that was written from the opinion of an animal. I must say that the author had a lot to accomplish by writing this masterpiece. White Faning was the name of a wolf that lived in a cold and white country where only wolfs could survive. This animal sees the world and the humans as intruders in his life and tries to explain that he is endangered because of the cold life that he has to live. His experience is in very use for all of us because each of us has this felling when it comes to live in society. My opinion is that this book should be read and taken as a chance of knowledge in every step we make in the world.


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