Make questions for the followibg sentences:
1. The teacher is sitting at her desk.
2. Father is reparing my bike.
3. Don is drinking a cup of hot coffee.
4. Sharon isn't wearing a coat at this moment.
5. The little girl is laughing now.
6. They are eating three apples each now !
7. Tom I running to school at this moment.
8. Mary is dacing beautifully.
9. Joan is driving too fast these days.
10. Sylvester is running after Tweety.



1. Where is the teacher sitting? 
2. What is father repairing?
3. What is Don doing?
4. Is Sharon wearing a coat?
5. What is the little girl doing?
6. How many apples are they eating?
7. Where is Tom running?
8. How is Mary dancing?
9. How is Joan driving these days?
10. After who is Sylvester running?
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1.Who is sitting at the desk?

2.Whose bike is father repairing?

3.What cup of coffee is Don drinking?

4.What is not wearing Sharon at this moment?

5.What is the little girl doing now? much apples they are eating each now?

7.Where is Tom running at this moment?

8.How is Mary dancing?

9.How is driving Jon these days?

10. Who is running after who?