Ajutatima la engleza
Answer the questions of the quiz

1.Who is the Queen of England?
2.Where does she live?
3.What is the name of the Queen`s home?
4.What is the name of the flag on the Palace?
5.What do many Londoners call the Palace today?
6.When do the guards change?
7.Is there Royal Family in your country?

imi dai si restul de 3 puncte, anuntand raspunsul meu singurul si cel mai bun? multumesc pentru intelegere! ;)


1) Elisabeth Alexandra Mary ( Second Elisabeth )
2) Buckingham Palace
3) Windsor House
4) Union Flag
5) Buckingham Palace
6) Once in 2 days!
7) Yes! The king Mihai I ! He is a part of a Royal Family!
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