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Letter to a student
Since I know a lot, or a little while? Does it matter? It matters only that indestructible friendship of which I spoke in the beginning I did not understand it. What did I have to offer you? Nothing. Yet gave me smiles, laughter, joy and inexpressible honor to be among your friends. I would not want to ever think that I need a reason to repeat that you're special for me. And I do know that not only me. I know that you managed to gather around you people who know how to appreciate you. You say you do not give anything special. Yes, because not a few people know how to sow and grow so beautiful friendship. No, actually, you're the first person who taught me this, teachers me, tease me, understanding me. You were always patience, and that patience thank you. My life is richer because I knew you, and I can say this with great sincerity. And there are things that you gave me, and who can not reward you with anything but affection and love. And I hope that even so worthy to me and I'll give you. 
 I would have liked to have a brother like you. Maybe I was a better man. Clearly I was a better man. I would love to meet you soon at least, do not go long until we cross to the roads. But I know that the time we have stayed so far available was good, and he has not been in vain.