AJUTATIMA VA ROGG .USE present,s ,presents continous ,past simple or past continuaus .1I (to go)to the cinema yEsterday .2 I(to read )a newspaper now.3he (to sleep )when father came home 4 he (to dring )thea avery morning 5 I (to go)to the summer camp .



1. i went to the cinema (past simple)
Did i go to the cinema?
2 i am reading  (pres cont)
Am i reading?
3 i was sleeping (past cont)
Was i sleeping?
4 i drink tea (pres simple)
Do i drink tea?
5 i am going to...(pres cont)
Am i going to?

nici vorba sa pui propoz la toate timpurile
bn dara cum
am editat raspunsul, am adaugat si forma interogativa. am pus doar prima parte a propoz, restul completezi tu, exact asa cum sunt in exercitiu