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My dear  friend,

How are you?I am very excited,because I know that you is coming, I have many plans to enjoy together that I am sure we will never forget.Here the sun is like.First I want to go to eat in Beach Restaurant.I going to get a sleeping's bag couple this week,but please don't forget to bring your lantern, Okay?Now, I going to explain how get home. In front of the airport there is a post office, so went you are in front of it ,you can go down toward right,for two blocks,you will be in Air Avenue. Turn right at the first street after the Andrea's. My house is almost ten steps from it. My house' number is 10. You can park your car in my garage,because I crash my car last week,so my car is at the mechanic.Please advise if you get some trouble.
See you later. 


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