Buna,vă rog frumos să îmi rezolvații punctele A și B.
În folderul de mai jos veți găsi exercițiul 17. cu punctele A și B ,iar in cele din urmă doua texte.
Vă mulțumesc,foarte mult.Eu aș vrea să o rog frumos pe Dana89 să se uite și să mi-o rezolve.

awwww, ce dragut, e cu dedicatie speciala :)))) acum am putina treaba. revin in 20 de min si-ti spun ce si cum
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Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
Nu stiu cat de bine o sa-mi iasa ex asta pt ca se vede f aiurea textul din doc...
ma rog:
A. 1. Andrew saw the advertisment  in the April edition of working Away.
2. Yes, he did include all his question points in his letter: about the required age, 
how many hours a day staff are required to work, if they provide provide meals and accommodation, and in which months the camp is open during the summer.
3. The first address is his address in London and the second one is the recipient's address. 
4. He finishes his letter by saying "
Thank you for you assistance. I look forward to hearting from you soon. Yours sincerely | Andrew Simpkin"  

WHY = Yours sincerely is the formal and appropriate way of closing a formal letter, like this one.

b).-your questions: Which age group are you interested in hiring?I would | also like to know how many hours a day staff are required to work.In addition to this,do you provide meals and accommodation for the staff?Finally.which months | is the camp open during the summer?

closing remarks: 
Ilook forward to hearting from you soon.  Yours sincerely | Andrew Simpkin

reason you are writing: 
I am writing regarding your advertisement in the April edition of working Away.

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