16)Put the prompts in the correct order,then use them to write a letter to your pen-friend explaining what happened (100-150 words).Use the letter in Ex. 15 as a model.

a- (ex.Para 1) lucky/sister/with me-she/take me/straight/hospital-doctor/examine/arm/say/badly scalded-now/it/in a bandage/not allowed/get it wet-doctors/nurses/very nice-say/i/go home/tomorrow.

b- City General/ward 17/Sunday-scald/arm/not worry/okay.
c- hope/you/family/well-write soon/tell me/all/news.
d- happen/Sunday morning/kitchen/home-boil/some water/pan/fall off/stove/all/water/go/on/arm.



A- I was lucky that my sister was with me. She took me straight to the hospital, where the doctor examined my arm.  He said it was badly scalded. Now it's in a bandage and I'm not allowed to get it wet. The doctors and nurses are very nice and they say I can go home tomorrow.

b. I'm at City General, ward 17.  I scalded my arm on Sunday. Don't worry, I'm okay.
c. I hope you and your family are well. Write soon and tell me all the news.
d. It happened Sunday morning, at home, in the kitchen. I was boiling some water when the pan fell off the stove and all the water went on my arm.

ordinea este:  b, d, a, c.