Put the adjectives in the Comparative and the Superlative Degrees using the words in brackets:
Model: We had a great game.
Peter had a greater game than we did.
The children had the greatest game of all.
1. We had a great game. (Peter; the children)
2. We are a happy family. (The Browns; the Harpers)
3. They anjoyed a delicious dinner. (my parents; our friends)
4. Mary lives far from our house. (Dennis; Tom)
5. Mark is reading an interesting book these days. (my grandpa; Alicia)
6. Tim always has dirty hands at school. (Patricia; Nick)
7. This family has little money. (their neighbours; their relatives)
8. Mark and Anthony are doing a difficult exercise at maths now.
(Tommy; Clara)
9. Ben has good grades. (Jill; Cody)
10. Eddy has bad manners. (Victor; Tony)



2. The Browns are a happier family.
The Harpers are the happiest family.
3. My parents enjoyed a more delicious dinner.
Our friends enjoyed the most delicious dinner
4 Dennis lives further from our house
Tom lives the furthest from our house
5 My grandpa is reading a more interesting book these days.
-Alicia ----------------------------------- the most interesting -----------------------
6 Patricia always has dirtier hands at school
Nick ---------------------- the dirtiest --------------------
7 Their neighbours have less money
Their relatives have the least money
8 Tommy is doing a more difficult exercise at maths now
Clara --------------------the most difficult -----------------------------
9 Jill has better grades
Cody has the best grades
10 Victor has worse manners
Tony has the worst manners.

ca mi-a fost lene sa copiez iar aceleasi cuvinte. liniutele inseamna ca e la fel ca in propoz de mai sus. adica Alicia is reading a more interesting book these days bla bla bla. tot ce trebuia schimbat era subiectul si comparativul/superlativul, asa ca restul cuv poti sa le copiezi din propoz anterioara
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