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How to start summer vacation I went to my grandparents. I love them very much, they are the ones who raised me when I was little, so it is a real pleasure to spend as much time with them. 
My grandparents live in a village near Iaşi. Their house is in a wooded area with tall trees, with a rich canopy. In their shadow I never felt hot temperatures, which took over Romania this summer. 
During the few weeks that I spent there, I had a lot of tranquility and relaxation. I made ​​sure to get my home more books that I enjoyed endless summer days long. Much of the time I spent in the garden near the house, in the grass, surrounded by flowers. Last spring, my grandmother planted with flowers. Now they were blooming. Every morning I watered and cleaned them so that my departure was very beautiful flower garden and a garden of dreams. 
My grandfather gave me a nice surprise and I installed a big swing under a tree shade. I stayed here as it was all day long. I read, ate, slept; here all night watching the stars. As much as I loved that swing that now I want to have him here with me in the city.