Well how to start: I wake up at nine half (9:30), I brush my teeth as usual jump over breakfast that I can eat in the morning. I start to do my homework which is a lot, I read something in a book. Arrive at the second half and then start my first meal. After I brush my teeth eat logical. Then I go to my room and watch a movie or do my homework. Evening out with friends or go to my friend to look at a film. AM DESCRIS O ZII DIN VACANTA,SPER SA ITI PLACA.
Ai multe greseli. Unele propozitii nu au sens. :(
I usually wake up at nine o'clock. I brush my teeth and wash my face. I eat breakfast, in general scrambled eggs or a sandwich. After that, I start doing my homework for one hour and a half. Then, I change my clothes and put on my shoes and hang out with my friends till three o'clock. I eat lunch, usually a soup. After lunch, I am taking a nap or, from time to time, I am lying in bed reading a book. At six and a half I continue my homework till I finish it. Then, I eat dinner after so much effort for my brain. Then, I can finally relax playing on computer or watching TV. At eleven and fourty five minutes I take a shower and brush my teeth again, and I go to bed.
Sper sa iti placa, am incercat sa folosesc un vocabular mai diversificat. Daca nu iti convine partea cu teme, inlocuiesti tu cu alta activitate.