Imi poate rezolva cineva cateva propozitii din diateza activa in diateza activa ? .. Astea sunt propozitiile : 1 : William the conquerer built the castle on 11 th century , 2 : No decisions has yet been made (decided) , 3:People believe that someone murdered , 4:The police were following the suspects , 5:No one has seen Peter since the day of the party (Been) . Din activ in passive , va rog frumos :*

propozitia este la diateza activa si trebuie sa o transform la diateza passive
passive voice


1.The castle [was built] by WtheC in the 11thc. 2. Este deja pasivă. 3. People believed that someone was murdered / had been murdered. 4. The suspects [were being followed] by the police. 5. Paul [hasn't been seen] by anyone since the day of the party.
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