The Summer Camp

It was a greatful week in the summer camp!This place called ...(locul taberei unde ai fost)
it was wonderful!It was full of flowers,the birds were singing an allegory every morning!In those days ,I used to wake up when beautiful sunrises shown up.The beautiful yellow circle was lighting the trees.While the burning sun was rising,the trees' shadows were dancing very fancy!I wish I could fly through the fluffy clouds.They look like some tasty bubble floss.I imagined that many unicorns (pentru ca esti fata!nu-ti imagina altceva!) were flying on those clouds.I wish I could ride an unicorn (Eu imi doresc sa conduc o Toyota Supra in viitor...ma rog o sa te prinzi tu).
The head of the group was leading us every morning to the hills ,to make exercise.If we weren't waking up,he would have gone for a water bucket to splat us or he would have bring an onion and put it in our face.
Terrible head group...Anyways,if it wasn't him,I could have not been motivated to work,to do more stuff,to make myself a life...