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In this novel, Henry Gilbert shows the life of a very brave and has a true spirit of justice.
This man is an outcast and unjustly banished from the country and hunted by all people. Robin, because he is talking about, having a girlfriend named Marian that saves more time after he marries her by a monk named Daddy Tuck who crown and move together in the woods.
Robin they form an army of about 20 people who previously saved from death and recognized. Those people guarding him like ghosts camouflaged among the leaves of the forest because Robin is now chased by bad people that i will death.
With his men Robin manages to kill many of his enemies and also of the country including: Richard malbet spy beggar, Sir Guy of Gisborne, Iesbart of Blame, Sir Roger of Doncaster and many others ...
Robin does have and friends that helps: Ket Goblin, Hob the hill, the little Jhon, Alan, Lady Alice, Will Archer, Tuck father, Arthur friendly, Much the Miller's son and others.
With his friends, Robin manages to fight lords and bad people and kill Sir Guy of Gisborne is mortal enemy of Robin and nest burn evils namely Wrangby castle castle dubbed serfs and outcasts Evil Hold.
Robin dies poisoned by the abbess of a monastery with Sir Roger de Doncaster.Inainte Robin is dying found little Jhon, Ket and Hob goblin of hill and he is met last wish: to help him to shoot an arrow in the place where he wanted to be buried. Where is the tomb of the arrow stick. After the death of Robin Hood, the fog of "defenders of justice" has spread, everyone go and finds a place in the world.
Robin's long grave was cared for by two people who were agile like elves and beautify the final resting place of Robin, they were Ket and Hob Goblin in Colina who remain basically faithful after death.

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