IMI TRADUCETI VA ROG IN LIMBA ENGLEZA a fost odata ca niciodata o femeie care avea un nas lung si un caracter bagacios. intr-o zi Dumnezeua adunat toate insectele din lume-viespele si mustele tintarii, gindacii si carabusii.
el i-a pus pe toti intr-un sac mare si a legat sacul in virf cu o bucata de funie
«ia acest sac», i-a spus el , «si arunca-l in mare»
femeia a luat sacul si s-a indreptat spre mare.marea era foarte departe de casa femeii.multe ore a mers ea pe drum

peste tot numai google translate :)))))))))
nee :)))
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Once upon a time,  there was a woman with a long nose and a nosy character. One day, God gathered all the insects in the world -  the wasps, the mosquitoes, the bugs and the beetles. He put them all in a big bag, and then he tied it up with a piece of rope. "Take this bag" he told her, "and throw it in the sea".
The woman took the bag and headed towards the sea. It was very far away from the woman's house.  She walked for many hours

"headed towards MARE". "MAREA was very far..." pe bune? ai citit textul asta inainte sa dai copy-paste din google translate?
de unde ai luat ca am dat peste google translete
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hitra so gasit
daca ai fi facut-o tu, nu ai fi lasat in textul asa-zis tradus, cuvinte in limba romana: mare, marea, femeii, multe hours (asta-i chiar geniala). oh each his own