Rewrite the sentences in the passive.
1.china makes three times as many bicycles as the USA and Japan.
2.Exxon,a giant oil company in NY,earns more money in a year than many countries.
3.The Romans first mined coal in the first century AD.
4.The Dutch grow about 3000 milion flowers a year.
5.An average American uses twice as much fuel as an average european.



1.Three times more bicycles are made in China than Usa and Japan.
2.More money are earned in a year by Exxon, a giant oil company in Ny , than many countries.
3.The first coal has been mined by Romans in the first century AD.
4.3000 milion flowers a year are grown by the Dutch.
5.Twice as much fuel is used by an average American than an average European.