She's been very happy lately.
John has become more handsome.
The war has begun.
The mailman has been bitten by a stray dog.
By the time we got there, the storm had blown away the roof.
They had broken the window, but refused to admit it.
I've chosen to become a doctor.
Graduation day has finally come.
When he got there, everything had already been done.
The beautiful picture she had drawn was destroyed.
He had been drunk.
I had drunk whiskey before.
We were driven to a remote area.
The cake was eaten by the dog.
He had fallen off his chair from so much laughter.
We'd never flown first class before.
I'd forgotten it was his birthday.
I had been given the same gift.
My bag was gone when I got there.
He had grown into a handsome young man.
I know Mary is right.
I had never ridden a horse before.
He had rung me the night before.
I hated to run.
I had seen her in the club before.

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