look at the notes Chi-Nan is making about thye holiday he is planning.He is going with his friend Guo-Fu.Make the sentences to explain their plans,using the verbs in brackets and and the present simple or the present continous.

whole journey time - 21.5 hours

2.(take)The whole journey...

Hotel Taipei Fortuna - for five days


single room - $ 47 per night

4.(cost)Each room...

5.the National Palace Museum, on Thursday

(visit) They...

6.if possible,the Fulong Seaside Park, on Friday morning


7.boat trip the islands, on Saturday


8.boat to islands, 10 a.m.


9.the train to Wulai - to see the hot springs


10.two rights, with Guo-Fu's parents, near Wulai


11.the long shan temple, before return to U.K.


ziceai ca ai un exemplu?
sigur nu este un text intreg? pt ca e foarte greu de citit si de dat seama ce cuv treb sa fol in fiecare propoz
model:flight from Heathrow - 13.05 - Hong Kong - 8.00, the next morning (leave / arrive) The flight leaves Heathrow at five past one, and arrves in Hong Kong at eight oclock'the next morning
vezi si tu cat de mult se potriveste cu ce ai tu in carte sau de unde-ai luat ex asta...daca nu am foaia in fata, a fost ceva mai greu sa-mi dau seama cum ar trebui sa vina
oricum, de timpurile verbale sunt 100% sigura.


The whole journey takes 2.5 hours.
They are staying in a single room at Hotel T.F for five days.
Each room costs 47$ per night.
They are visiting the National Palace Museum on Thursday.
If possible, on Friday morning, they are going to Fulong Seaside Park..
On Saturday, they are taking a boat trip (to) the islands.
The boat to the islands goes (desi as zice mai bine leaves) at 10. a.m.
They are taking the train to Wulai - to see the hot springs.
They are staying (for) two nights with Guo-Fu's parents, near Wulai.
They are visiting the long shan temple before they return to the uk.

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