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white-black : Mary is dressed in black today.
rich-poor: John isn't poor anymore
near-far: My grandma lives far
easy-hard: Doing English homework is hard
fast-slow: My mother drives very slow
light-dark: It is dark outside.
cheap-expensive- My shoes are expensive
warm-cold: It was cold last night
sad-happy: Jane is a happy person
old-young: my brother is very young
large-small: Japanese people have small eyes
clean-dirty: My dog got dirty
wet-dry: Mom put the clothes out to dry
beautiful-ugly: my neighbour has an ugly house
full-empty: my glass is empty
good-bad: I got a bad grade
long-short: the trip was very short
sick-healthy: my parents are healthy.

De ce ai scris large, clean, wet, beautiful, full, good, long, sick.
acolo sus ?
a, alea le-am luat din mesajul tau, ca sa-mi fie mai usor de urmarit, sa nu trebuiasca sa dau mereu pagina in sus, ca sa vad exercitiul.
Aaa.. Multumesc.
Black, poor, far, hard, slow, dark, expensive, cold, happy, ney, small, dirty, dry, ungly, naked, bad, short, health.

Este bine???
aproximativ. ce e ney? iar la full nu merge naked. adevarat, opusul este "gol", dar trebuie empty (pt pahar plin/gol). naked il folosim pentru oameni si inseamna gol=dezbracat.
da.. scuze. M-am grabit si nu am facut tot... eu fac teme acum si... nu am fost atenta.