Fill in the blanks with the adjectives that derive from the noun written in italics:
1. The wind blows hard today. It is a ... day
2. The sun shone all the time when we were at the seaside. Those were ... days.
3. The was a lot of snow last week. It was a ... week.
4. It is a heavy rain today. It is a ... day.
5. We couldn't drive because of the fog . It was a very ... morning.
6. There is chill in the air. It is a ... autumn.
7. You should take your umbrella because there are clouds in the sky.
It is a ... day today.
8. You should mind your health. Fast food isn't ... food.
9. There is much dirt on your clothes. You have such ... clothes.
10. You didn't have enough sleep last night. That's why you have such ... eyes.



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1 windy
2 sunny
3 snowy
4 rainy
5 foggy
6 chilly
7 cloudy
8 healthy
9 dirty
10 sleepy

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