Exercitiul 1.
Put the following short adjectives ih the Comparative and the Superlative Degrees and then make sentences with them:

Exercitiul 2.
Put the following long adjectives in the Comparative and the Superlative Degrees and then make sentences with them:




2. intersting-more intersting-most interesting
difficult-more difficult-most difficult
comfortable-more comfortable-most comfortable
boring-more boring-most boring
exciting-more exciting-most exciting
useful-more useful-most useful
expensive-more expensive-most expensive
important-more important-most important
enjoyable-more enjoyable- most enjoyable
beautiful-more beautiful-most beautiful.

Tim is bigger than Harry.
Harry is the biggest boy in our class.
August is hotter than January.
July is the hottest.
Mary is fatter than Alice.
Harry is the fattest boy on our street.
December is colder than August.
January had the coldest day of the year.
Alice is thinner than Jenny.
Kate is the thinnest she's ever been.
Bob is younger than Rob.
Jack is the youngest of the three brothers.
Jane is shorter than Dylan.
Jessica is the shortest one in the family.
I have an older brother.
They've found the oldest human remains in history.
I'm taller than my sister.
My brother is the tallest in his basketball team.
Milkshake is thicker than juice.
The DEX is the thickest book that I own.

Movies are more interesting than plays.
Concerts are the most interesting.
Driving is more difficult than riding a bike and flying a plane is the most difficult.
I'm more comfortable in the park than at school, but I'm most comfortable at home.
My brother is more boring than me, but grandpa is the most boring in the whole family.
Racing is more exciting than driving, but bungee-jumping is the most exciting.
Alice's answer was more useful, but yours was the most useful.
Dad's shirt was more expensive than mom's blouse, but my shoes were the most expensive.
Going to school more important than playing computer games, but being happy is the most important.
Being with my parents is more enjoyable than being alone, but being with my friends is the most enjoyable.
Tulips are more beautiful than daisies, but orchids are the most beautiful.

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