Am nevoie de raspunsurile la aceste intrebari:

a)How do you play with your brother,sister or friends?Write 5 sentence about it.
b)What must you do at home?What mustn' you do?
cWhat do you do when you are ill?



1. When I'm out I usually play football with my brother. My sister is watching us playing and she usually sits on a bench.After playing football I play badminton with my sister.
Sometimes I even play volley with her.
2. At home I must do my homework. At home i mustn't make food because i'm crap at cooking...
3.When i'm ill i usually stay in bed and watch TV
A.My brother and I always like to watch Tv together and discuss about the stories we see. I invite my friends to go out and get some fresh air. We try to be creative and find many games including 'fazan' or other games that make us use our minds. When it's a mate birthday, we have a pizza together and so we can discuss about school and have fun. B. You have to respect the home's rules created by parents, you must not put the house on fire etc. C. I stay home when I'm ill, I drink hot teas and try to make my mind relax. I watch tv and sleep to regenerate my wealthy health.
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