cum se traduce in engleza afara este o zi frumoasa,soarele a rasarit pe cer si eu cu prietenii ne am hotarat sa iesim afara sa ne jucam cu mingea.Dar mingea a cazut intro curte si cand am vrut sa intram sa luam mingea am vazut ceva ce ne a atras atentia.Era o cheie foarte veche si neagra. Ne am hotarat sa mergem in acea casa si sa punem cheia la locul ei .Dar cand am intrat in acea casa usa s a deschis singura si am inceput sa tipam .Cand ne am dus la etaj am vazut o fantoma care bantuia casa .Am inceput sa tipam si am fugit din casa si am lasat mingea si ne am hotarat de atunci sa nu mai mergem in acea casa ?




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It's a suny day,the sun is on the sky and me with my friends decided to go outside and play with the ball.sudenly the ball fell in a (iard) and we tried to get it but someone get our was a very old black key.we decided to go in that house and put the key on her place.when we walk in that house the door opened by herself and we start to scream.when we walk upstairs we saw a ghost who was hunting the house.we started to scream and we ran out from the house,we left the ball and decided to never come back again in that place
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it's a beautiful day outside, the sky is up and me and my friends have decided to go out and play ball. but the ball flew into someone's yard and when we wanted to go and get it, we saw something that caught our attention. it was a very old, black key. we decided to go inside the house and put it in its place. but when we went inside the house, the door opened by itself and we started screaming. when we went upstairs, we saw a ghost haunting the house. we started screaming and we ran outside, leaving the ball there. we decided never to go inside that house ever again. 
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