Am nevoie de raspunsurile la aceste intrebari:a)How do you play with
Am nevoie de raspunsurile la aceste intrebari:

a)How do you play with your brother,sister or friends?Write 5 sentence about it.
b)What must you do at home?What mustn' you do?
cWhat do you do when you are ill?




A)I love playing with my siblings. My brother is a basketball player and he always wins but he treats me with an ice-cream afterwards so I can forgive him. My sister is too little but he likes animals so we walk our dog, Sam, everyday. As for my friends, we do all kinds of stuff like clubbing, jogging, playing board games and mostly talking.I feel very good with all of them, I am glad that I have them in my life.
b)At home we must wash our hands and make sure we keep it clean. We mustn't run in the house so we won't break anything.
c)When I am ill, I stay in my bed, mostly sleeping, eating soup and taking my medicine.