Am nevoie de raspunsurile la aceste intrebari:

a)How do you play with your brother,sister or friends?Write 5 sentence about it.
b)What must you do at home?What mustn' you do?
cWhat do you do when you are ill?




A) Well,i have a sister and i love to play with her. When i play with her..we do puzzles  ,we sing, we dance. Or sometimes.. we just play with the toys. With my friends i like to play hide and seek! There`s so much fun !
b) There are a lot of things that you must do at home. I often help my mother know stuff..or cooking.  I must be behavior.
c) When i`m ill i stay in bed .. i drink tea ,i sleep and im thinking positive! That`s what i do everytime!
Sper ca te-am ajutat,succes !