Buna!Am si eu un exercitiu care nu stiu sa-l rezolv:

Use words from each box to write short paragraphs abot holidays:

1.Tom Mountains Grass Run Faorest Sing Sit Birds Walk

Tom is in teh mountains.He is walkng in the forest_____________________

2.Mike Seaside Sister Swim Hot Play Sand Castel Make Child Ball

3.Paul Camp Disco Dance Laugh Tell Fun Play Friends Jokes'



1.  Tom is in the mountains. He is walking in the forest, through the thick, long grass. He sees birds singing and sits down to listen to them. After a while, he notices it's getting dark, so he runs home. 

2. Mike is at the seaside. It's hot outside, so he and his sister are swimming and playing in the water. They decide to make a sand castle. Oh no! Just when they're finished, another child's ball comes flying towards their castle and knocks it down.

3. Paul is at camp. Tonight, they are all going to the disco to dance. He and his friends are having fun, laughing and telling jokes. His friends would like to play a prank on their teacher Mary. 

(play a prank-juca o farsa)
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