Fill in the blanks with the right words. Choose from a pound of, a tin of, a bottle of, a loaf of, a packet of, a dozen, a jar of, a kilo of. Make the necessary changes:
1.Isabel bought ... eggs from the market place.
2.Mother sent me to buy ... bananas.
3.Be careful with the ... jam !
4. Put the ... jice into the refrigerator to keep it cool.
5.I need two ... tuna fish to cook some spaghetti.
6. ... biscuits would be enough for your snack.
7. I think I'm going to buy ... fresh bread.
8. ... lemonade and two ... cola are enough for you and your friends.
9.For so many guests you need five ... bread.
10. Buy him ... cheese because he likes it a lot.

1. a dozen eggs ( o duzina de oua). 2. a pound of bananas (pound=aprox jum de kg). 3. jar of jam. 4 bottle of juice. 5. two tins of tuna fish (2 converve de peste ton) 6 a packet of biscuits.7 a loaf of fresh bread. 8 a bottle of lemonade, two bottles of cola. 9 five loaves of bread. 10 a kilogram of cheese. ****nota: 2 si 10 se pot schimba intre ele: poti sa spui a kilogram of bananas si a pound of cheese. ***


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1. a dozen of eggs
2. a pound of bananas
3. jar of gem
4. bottle of juice 
5. tins of tuna 
6. a packet of biscuits
7. a loaf of fresh bread
8. a lemonade and two bottles of cola
9. loaves of bread 
10 a kilo of cheese